Monster Beneath page 8

Monster Beneath page 8
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30th Jan 2016, 9:01 AM in The Monster Beneath
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buffylove 30th Jan 2016, 9:01 AM edit delete
And this is it! The big finale and the story is over! Sorry fro the lack of author notes with the last few pages. I've been working on two film projects that are swallowing my life! Ugh! I want to give a big shout out and THANK YOU to my artist Gilberto Borba. He did an amazing job! His designs for the underground caverns and the monsters were A-MAZ-ING!!! I wasn't sure I'd ever find an artist who really could get the vision I had and he didn't just get it, but he blew my expectations away!

So what did you think? Unlike most stories in THE BOOK OF LIES this has an almost happy ending. Of course, all isn't that happy. If the government finds out Nautissu is alive they might start hunting him again. And, of course, there are more creatures down in the sewers that could begin attacking people. And what are those ancient caverns down there anyway? While we didn't have time to fully explore them, they aren't just empty caves. There are meant to be hints of buildings down there...things left by an ancient civilization from before the time of man! (A bit of a nod to Lovecraft's AT THE MOUNTAIN OF MADNESS!) So maybe it wasn't the chemicals that actually turned the animals...maybe some other dark influence has been at work beneath the very ground we walk upon!

Would you like to see more stories about the captain or Nautissu? Would you like stories with more monsters or that explore the ancient caverns? COMMENT and let me know!

As usual with the end of a story, I'll be skipping an update day (Wednesday) and the next story will begin next Saturday! Since February is the month of love (or the month with Valentine's Day at least), this will be a story that features love. Last year, I posted two twisted love stories during this month, BEING OTHER PEOPLE and THE GOD OF ALL THINGS. Only one story this month, but I promise it will be the kind of twisted love story you would expect from THE BOOK OF LIES!

Story by Paul A Newman
Art by Gilberto Borba


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Miaubol 1st Feb 2016, 7:22 AM edit delete reply
Bottom left panel - saaaaaad...
Bottom right - Yay! :D

He may not totally win that battle, but he's not losing either ;)

Yes, I like this *almost* happy ending. It gave me a smile on my face but there's still the darkness too.

I'd love to see more stories about the captain or Nautissu, and I think I'd go for - exploring the ancient caverns with the risk of meeting monsters, or worse...